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Why memes might be the next tool to make sense of on our increasingly hybrid virtual and physical environment.
[...] The idea of God in religion is in the cultural environment replicated through text, speech, music and art, and still enjoys a big impact on the world. In other words, God is a meme. Sometimes meme complexes originate when memes elaborate on each other. [...] [...] The virtual memesphere is likely to have an ever growing impact on our lives. As humans and machines gradually grow towards each other, the virtual and physical spheres merge too. In this sense, speaking of ‘internet memes’ as opposed to memes that procreate culture, makes a duality that is no longer applicable. ‘Memes are vehicles for reflection’, said Morris Kolman, meaning that memes help to reflect and deal with the new environment of the digital era. An era in which we are constantly connected, saturated with information and individually objectified. Internet memes, just like the memes Richard Dawkins introduced, help us relate to, reflect on and evolve with the next nature. Quelle: Enter the memesphere
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