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Visible opens in Brussels. Art as something else #1: On Pedagogy | visibleproject

Visible opens in Brussels. Art as something else #1: On Pedagogy October 24, 2014 with The Silent University (London, Stockholm, Hamburg), New World Academy (Utrecht), School of Missing Studies (Amsterdam), The School of Narrative Dance (nomadic), La Ivan Illich (San Juan), Campus in Camps (Bethlehem), School of Engaged Art (St. Petersburg), School of Echoes (Berlin, Los Angeles, New York). Visible. Office and Project space is pleased to announce its new program hosted at 50°49’19.50”N 4°21’25.53”E galerie de l’erg (école supérieure des arts, Brussels) looking at socially engaged artistic practices in a global context titled Art as something else. The program will unfold focusing on main overarching topics recognised as some of the existing red threads within the artists practices supported by and connected to the Visible project since its inception in 2010. Exhibitions, lectures, round table talks, project in residency, screenings and other activities will give form to the discursive platform that the Visible project would like to establish in dialogue with artists, curators, guests, erg’s students, teachers, researchers, staff, and Brussels audiences, while developing the 2015 Visible Award public jury, chaired by Chris Dercon (Tate Modern director, London) and hosted by Tate Liverpool in the fall of next year. The first session of the program, On Pedagogy, is dedicated to new pedagogical models initiated by contemporary artists, and will open on Thursday 6 November at 6:30pm. Mainly inspired by The Silent University project — recipient of the 2013 Visible Award — initiated by Kurdish artist from Turkey Ahmet Ögüt, this first platform aims at creating a deeper connection with the art academy that is hosting the Visible. Office and Project space, activating discussions from the perspective of existing educational models. On the opening night we will host the first of three conversations with artists who have started educational platforms as artistic projects in recent times. The panel will feature Emily Fahlen, Stockholm Silent University coordinator and Jonas Staal, artist and initiator of the New World Academy. via Visible opens in Brussels. Art as something else #1: On Pedagogy | visibleproject.
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