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canadian artist paul kneale says post-internet is dead

The artist takes to Berlin this weekend for a new exhibition as part of Lunch Bytes' roving European seminar on art and digital culture. What do you think about the term post internet? I know these labels have been popular and controversial for the past few years, and I think that's because they try to describe something new, something that really is happening. My way of phrasing it is 'Post-Art Internet'. The thing we call 'art' is a historical period, like ancient art — it has a vague beginning point that makes it a period, and also an end, which is usually marked by a major changes in other areas of life. Quite possibly we've just witnessed this end. The thing that we call 'Internet' is a whole way of being in the world. It's the Internet you know from your browser window, but also the Internet of things and materials, and also the internet of minds, of tastes and feelings. After this passing historical period 'Art', you have this new period 'Internet'. So it makes sense to ask, what does that change mean for aesthetics? How do we present and represent in this new period?
Quelle: canadian artist paul kneale says post-internet is dead
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